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Curtin's new mobile website gives you
help at your fingertips!
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  Works on almost any current mobile phone!

CurtinMobile will display differently depending on the capabilities of your mobile device. So if you are using a high-end mobile phone such as an iPhone, Android or latest Nokia you will see an icon-based layout.

If you are on an older phone, you will still have access to all of the same information - just in plain text format.

CurtinMobile allows students and staff to access important information on-the-go. Simply use your web-enabled mobile phone and visit:


CurtinMobile currently provides the following features:

OASIS Access your Student Email, Official Communications and more!
Maps Browse the campus map so you never get lost!
News Find out about the latest exciting news & events at Curtin
Library Opening hours, browse the catalogue and more
Facilities Information on the the gym, food and drinks and much more
Support Having trouble with student life? Get helpful information here
I.T. Find an available computer on campus
Transport Courtesy bus schedule and Transperth information
People Find Curtin Staff members
Emergency Emergency information and phone numbers

Important Note: CurtinMobile is provided as a free service. However, if you are not connected to the Curtin Wireless Network when browsing CurtinMobile you may incur data charges depending on your mobile phone plan (GPRS, EDGE or 3G charges). Please check with your service provider for more information. Curtin University does not accept any responsibility for any data charges that may be incurred by CurtinMobile usage.

About CurtinMobile

CurtinMobile offers up-to-date campus information for Curtin students and staff via their mobile device.

The project has been by jointly developed by Curtin IT Services (CITS), the Office of Teaching and Learning (OTL) and Student Central.

A special thanks to the various other departments around the University who have helped this project come to life - including the Support Services, Properties, Guild
Services, Library Services, Recreation Services and the Digital Media Unit.

Feedback & Support

Please contact us to give us feedback on CurtinMobile. We appreciate all feedback and any suggestions you may have.

If you are having trouble with CurtinMobile, please contact us so that we can help. Please tell us the mobile device (brand and model number) you are using and a detailed description of the problem.

Note: There is a known problem with the Curtin wireless network and Apple iPhones. After connecting and leaving your device idle for a short while, network connectivity will be lost. If this happens please restart your device. CITS is investigating this issue and hopes to find a fix soon.