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Don't Drop Out, Drop In!

Thinking you don't want to continue with your study? Got a complaint? Want to course switch? Before you drop out, talk to your course coordinator, lecturers, student mentor, Faculty Student Service Office or one of the services below:

Student Wellbeing Advisory Service

The Wellbeing Hotline, email and advisory service is available as a first point of contact if you experience any issue, incident or activity that may affect your studies. This service is for both International and Domestic students.
Building 103
1800 244 043 or (08) 9266 1663

University Counselling and Disability Services

A professional services providing free and confidential academic support, personal counselling, help with policies and procedures, dispute mediation, crisis services and support for students with disabilities.
Building 109 Level 2
(08) 9266 7850

Guild Student Assist

Student Assist is the welfare department of the Curtin Student Guild. We exist to support all students, postgrad and undergrad, with any personal, welfare or academic issue that you may be experiencing.
Building 106F
(08) 9266 2900